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Our Mission
The Trumbull United Soccer Club (TUSC) is dedicated to providing a professional learning and positive playing environment for primarily Trumbull youngsters under the guidance of the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association.

TUSC is a resource for those dedicated players who desire the next level of training and competition not offered by any other soccer club in Trumbull. TUSC is for those players who desire the very best soccer experience available in town, by providing professional coaching. TUSC strives to field the best possible team in each age group.
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Commonly Asked Questions

What is Travel Soccer?
"Travel" soccer is the first level of competitive soccer. Players are selected to teams based on their performance at tryouts held in the spring and league play starts at the U-9 level in the fall. Trumbull United travel teams play in the CJSA's Southwest District League encompassing Fairfield County. Teams play anywhere from eight to ten league games per season, with half the games being played at home and half away, normally on Sunday afternoons. Leagues are composed of same-gender, same-aged teams that may be broken down into divisions depending on the number of teams in the league. Coaches may also elect to schedule scrimmage or "friendly" games with league or non-leagueteams. Such games are refereed but results are not recorded. Practices are held two days a week in both the fall and the spring, and players are required to attend both practices.

What is the Trumbull United Soccer Club (TUSC)?
Trumbull United Soccer Club was founded in the early 1980's and is affiliated with the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA), which is the state governing body regulating youth soccer at the travel and premier levels. CJSA in turn is part of the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), which governs all organized youth soccer programs nationwide, from recreational through premier soccer. Over the past two decades, Trumbull United has built a reputation in the state and the region as one of Connecticut's most consistently strong programs, with teams regularly advancing to (and winning!) State Cup championships and local and regional tournaments. We have also developed many players who have gone on to play at the premier, high school, and college levels, as well as in-state and regional Olympic Development Program (ODP) soccer teams. Trumbull United is most proud of its history of providing the means for thousands of local youth who have passed through the program to develop to the fullest of their individual ability, whatever that may be.

At the U-9 and U-10 levels, which are considered developmental by the CJSA, no standings per se are kept. Teams play in an 8v8 format (7 field players plus a goalkeeper) on a scaled-down field. At the U-11 and older levels, league standings are kept, and teams may move up and down to different brackets depending on their results. Starting at U12, Teams play in a full 11v11 format on a regulation-sized field.

In addition to league play, U-11 and older teams typically participate in the CJSA's Connecticut Cup, which is a randomly seeded, single-elimination tournament played in both the fall and spring seasons.

Teams of all age levels normally participate in one tournament per season (usually Columbus Day in the fall and the Glastonbury tournament in April in the spring). Teams can participate in additional tournaments if desired. Popular ones are Labor Day or Memorial Day.

All teams participate in once a week winter clinics which are held indoors, typically at InSports in Trumbull. Teams can also elect to participate in winter league games or a winter tournament.

All of Trumbull United's travel soccer teams are coached and trained by professional, paid coaches. All coaches report to and are directed by Trumbull United's Coaching Directors, who also help each team tailor its tournament and winter indoor program selection to its individual needs. Parent managers handle administrative tasks for the teams.

Why should my child play travel soccer?
If your child is showing either interest or ability having played soccer at the local level, travel soccer is the next logical step. Your child will be provided an opportunity to play challenging games thereby reducing boredom and promoting interest in the sport. Your child will be trained and coached by soccer professionals who have extensive experience as players and teachers of the game. All coaching candidates must be able to demonstrate a proven track record of success in coaching youth soccer in order to be a member of the Trumbull United coaching staff. We have some of the best coaches in the state, as proven by the consistent success of our teams and individual players, year after year.

Does an eight-year-old need a professional coach?
Doesn't a professional coach just fall into the category of "too much, too early?"

Although certainly some children will excel despite their lack of training, there is clearly a right and a wrong way to learn how to play soccer, just like anything else. Learning bad habits or techniques at an early age is undesirable in any activity; once acquired, they can be extremely difficult to unlearn at a later stage. The best way to assure your child is getting proper training and coaching is with a professional coach.

Who are Trumbull United's professional coaches?
It is important to note, that being a great player does not automatically make someone a great coach - so Trumbull United considers a strong record as a player as only part of the picture. Coaching candidates must also demonstrate a proven track record of success in coaching youth soccer. And, since the great majority of our professional coaches come to us recommended by current members of our coaching staff, references are readily available and always checked.

What is the time commitment?
There is one league game per week within Fairfield County, usually on a Sunday afternoon and the teams practicetwice a week. Teams usually participate in two tournaments per season and State Cup competition for ages U-11 and older.